The Silver-Lining of Paying for it Ourselves

Let’s be honest, fundraising isn’t on anyone’s top-ten list of favorite things to do. Unfortunately in today’s world, fundraising is part of almost everyone’s life. Whether you are a regular and generous donor to any cause or a person with a passion for anything from trees to cat rescue, organizations everywhere need help getting the bills paid.

The silver-lining of this reality is that we have more control over where our money goes when philanthropy is so big a piece of the funding pie. At Broadway, for example, we get to decide if STAR PE is more needed than something else, or if the classroom libraries need more books, or if Spirit Series is an enrichment that our 5th graders should continue to get. We’re not at the mercy of someone far away cutting the line on the budget because he or she doesn’t understand the impact those “extras” have on our kids.

Of course, the burden is on us to find the money to do those things. Or to pay for bigger things when our tax money doesn’t flow back to our school for things that we really can’t imagine our kids going without. For example, can you imagine if our principal was the only administrator on campus? Broadway’s operating budget only covers her–our other two members of the administrative team, our Assistant Principal and our Instructional Coach, aren’t covered. As if that isn’t shocking enough, Teaching Assistants aren’t part of the school’s operating budget, either. That means the plan is for the principal supervise the yard at lunch recess, by herself–every day. (If you’re thinking “what’s wrong with that?” have you seen the yard at recess?)

Even all of our teaching positions aren’t guaranteed to avoid split-grade classes and/or self-contained language instruction. (Split level means students from two grades levels being taught together. Self-contained language instruction is when the same teacher teaches both English and the Target Language to the same group of students, the Broadway model is team-teaching with a different teacher for each language.)

This is the time of year when we really look to see what we’ll need next year and what we’ll have the money to pay for–crunch time in a way. Unfortunately, we are short of our goals. We need $150k more in parent gifts before the end of 2017 just to be on track with last year and another $100k by April. Ideally, we’d raise $150k more than last year. (That’ $400k we still need in donations!)

If you’ve already given, thank you! If you haven’t yet, please give today. Please also participate in our other fundraising programs and events. If we pull together, we can do this!

Thank you!

Suzy Hughes, Recording Secretary

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