The Power of Together

When it comes to fundraising, the power of “together” is too often underestimated. When we recognize that our small contributions add up to create something big, amazing things are possible.

Grab a 5th grader, do some calculations, and you’ll see what I mean.

BoxTops clips are worth a measly 10-cents each. So easy to dismiss, really. But if every student brought in just one this week, that’s $62 for the school. Collecting every week would bring us $3,224 a year! And the Broadway family extends beyond our students–we’re teachers and TAs, grandparents, aunts and uncles and co-workers. Imagine what resources that Power of Together could buy!

The Ralph’s Community Contribution Program is another underestimated program. With just 68 cards registered in support of Friends of Broadway, we are earningĀ  about $2000 per year. That’s with barely 15% of our families registered! Just imagine–if all of our families (and their extended families and friends) registered, that could bring more than $12,000 back to our kids every year–just for registering their cards and shopping as usual.

Last, but most powerful of all, is the Scrip program. By buying gift cards through Friends of Broadway for normal shopping, families could raise TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Seriously. Without much effort. There are over 750 retailers, from Starbucks to American Airlines and Home Depot to The Chart House. Retailers from just about every category give 2-20% back to our kids when we use scrip. Why is everyone not doing this?!

Beyond the dollars, though, the true Power of Together can’t be quantified. When we all show we care, when we do what we can to support our community, we all feel it in our hearts and our kids are better off because of it.

Posted by Suzy Hughes, Recording Secretary

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