I do it for the Superheroes

Whenever I think of Broadway and the amazing learning that is going on in the classrooms I don’t first think about my kids. My kids, like all kids, are amazing. Every day our kids astound us with what they know and the ideas that are rattling around in their little heads. Their brains are made of the most excellent raw material which, with time and attention, will grow into spectacular, creative, super-achieving human adult brains.

It is because my kids are so amazing that I don’t worry about supporting them as much as I worry about making sure that the professionals who are shaping them are supported.

In my opinion, teachers are superheroes who are given the increasingly challenging task of preparing students to thrive in the 21st century. Broadway’s 50/50, team teaching model means language development has to happen in half the time compared to monolingual program. It also means teachers have to differentiate learning for twice as many kids and communicate with twice as many parents than teachers in traditional schools.

Our teachers do this expertly, and they don’t get paid any more for the workload.

Add to this startling reality, Broadway’s operating budget doesn’t get any extra allocation from the District to implement the language immersion programs. So, in many ways, Broadway’s professionals are doing twice the work as the teachers in those other schools (the schools we didn’t choose.)

Knowing this, and knowing my kids are excelling academically IN TWO LANGUAGES, and seeing the teachers always with smiles on their faces and enthusiasm for their work day-after-day and year-after-year, I can’t help but want to do everything I can to support Broadway’s Superheroes.

Teaching Assistants make differentiation easier to implement and supervise recess so teachers don’t have to (they get to eat lunch instead). The Instructional Coach looks at student data with them and helps to plan that differentiation, coordinates their professional development, and plans school-wide activities that make sure instruction is aligned horizontally and vertically across programs. STAR PE means grade-level partners can meet during the school day instead of having to meet during their off-hours. Funds for enrichment support mean they have opportunities for more creative and fun enrichments than District basics.

We are so lucky to have these superheroes. I want to make sure their work is supported. I want them to know how much they are valued. I want them to have the tools they need to make sure Broadway’s kids succeed. It is because of them that I give–time, treasure, and any talent I have–to ensure they have the best to give our kids.

Suzy Hughes, Recording Secretary



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