Last year donors were asked to give 40% of their donation to their Target Language Fund and 60% to the General Fund. Why did that go away?

The suggested split didn’t go away, but became a standard split unless directed otherwise by the donor (there is a “donation notes” section on the donation form.) Because of changes in program enrollment and the allocation of Teacher Assistants by Principal Wang, the percentage this year is 75% to General Support and 25% to Target Language support.

The feedback received last year from several families was that the suggestion of a donation split divided our community. In an effort to foster a unified donor base, the Board made a decision to leave the split off of the form. Our hopes are always that parents will ask questions until they feel comfortable donating.

Can I ask that my donation only supports one of the immersion programs or an enrichment that I think is important?

Yes, and no. If you are able to make a donation large enough to cover the cost of an entire program that has already been approved by Principal Wang (like STAR PE, Art in Action, classroom libraries for all classes), it’s really easy to take donations of this kind. On the other hand, unless we are certain a program can be fully funded, those dollars might be needed in other places that are more critical (impact instruction) or less expensive to run. So you can earmark funds, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be able to spend them.

For the 2018-2019 school year we’ll continue to have target language funds that support instruction in either Spanish or Mandarin. As in previous years, these funds only go towards the target language instruction and not for all of the costs of the full Language Immersion Program. (Meaning that English language and general support in both programs is paid for from the General Fund.) Donors can direct some or all of their donation towards target language support of their choice. Within that fund, however, the practice stated above holds true.

It’s important for all of our donors to understand that the ultimate decision maker in what support is needed in the classroom is Principal Wang. The Friends of Broadway Board of Directors either approves or does not approve her requests for spending that supports instruction.

Why was a budget not included in this year’s packet?

Although in the past the budget was available before families were asked to give, the budgeting process and the fundraising timeline aren’t required to coincide. The requirement for a budget is tied to the Friends of Broadway bylaws, which give parents the right to approve a plan for spending by the board. For convenience sake, the budget has been approved in previous years as part of the Annual Meeting, which is also required, but only to report on the previous year’s activity.

The Annual Meeting preceded the launch of our ask for family gifts (The Family Giving Campaign, formerly called the Annual Fund Drive) the past two years. This year the decision was made to hold the Annual Meeting after the start of the Family Giving Campaign. This allowed our treasurer to be sure that the financials are reconciled and his reporting is accurate. As in the past, parents will be asked to approve a plan for spending at that meeting.