Holly Yang, President

Holly is originally from North Carolina and moved to LA in 2006 after some strong persuasion from one husband-to-be. She uses probably nothing from her majors in Chemistry and East African Studies, but has never been happier as a stay at home mom. She has a hard time saying no, so you may have seen her running around campus teaching Art in Action, attending Friends of Broadway, School Site Council or Beautification meetings, helping run the Spring auction or a couple of Girl Scout troops, or being a Kinder room parent.  Her other love is performing, both dancing and singing; performing has been a huge part of her life. Julius and Holly have two daughters in the MI program: Journey and Avalon are in fourth and first grades.

Renee Schurtz, Vice President

Renee was born in Los Angeles and lived in five different states before returning to LA in 2014. She graduated from the University of Iowa and Portland State University. She has worked as a digital marketer, a producer in the travel and beauty industries, and a social worker. Renee has volunteered in various capacities at Broadway since her son’s kinder year, including room parent, beautification, Art in Action, recruitment, Dia de los Muertos, and grant writing.

Mikette Miller, Vice President

Yvette Fenton, Recording Secretary

Laura Kunin, Corresponding Secretary

Way-Ting Hill, Treasurer

Cindy Kim, Treasurer

Holden Penney, Fundraising