2017-2018 Funding: What and Why

Although the funding picture for Broadway is complicated, the decisions on what to fund year after year are fairly simple. That’s because the board supports the priorities of Principal Wang, and she brings her requests to the board once she has done the hard work of deciding where resources are needed most.

Another important piece of this puzzle that is often missed when parents talk about funding is that Friends of Broadway is not the only source of money (after the District’s allocation for operations) for our students’ needs. Principal Wang uses other available sources of funding first, and then comes to Friends of Broadway to fill in the gaps.

There are a few categories of spending that originated with the Friends board and/or parents. Instructional Support Funds, beautification, and board expenses are a few areas that did not originate with Principal Wang.

The goal is to ensure all Broadway’s students and teachers are taken care of as needed via all funding sources. We are thankful that donations made to Friends of Broadway are able to go farther because other resources are available to Broadway’s students.

Here is what the board has approved to pay for in part of full for this year:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Instructional Coach (Mrs. Garmon)
  • Mystery Science
  • RAZ Kids
  • Spirit Series
  • School and classroom supplies
  • Classroom libraries
  • Classroom tech equipment
  • Field Trip funding
  • Art in Action supplies
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Kinder Sports Day
  • Program recruitment
  • Community support
  • Teacher conference fees
  • Sport equipment
  • Beautification
  • Board expenses

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